"I am collaborative, solution-oriented, with authentic understanding and an integrative approach. I fully respect each of my clients in their individuality, uniqueness and freedom."

I have been working with people for more than 25 years. I am a coach and psychotherapist.

Originally, I worked as an HR Director in a multinational company, where I gained practical multicultural experience during my long-term work stays in Great Britain, Central Europe and Southeast Asia.

I opened my own counseling practice in 2010, first focusing on personal development coaching and personal counseling, and later, since 2018, I have expanded my range of services to include psychotherapeutic counseling.

I received my education at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University and then at the Prague College of Psychosocial Studies, where I also completed a five-year daseinsanalytic self-experience psychotherapeutic training.

I am a member of professional organizations: Czech Association for Psychotherapy (ČAP), Czech Daseinsanalytical Association, International Coach Federation (ICF).

In my practice, I work with individuals or couples in Czech and English.

In my work with clients, I use a daseinsanalytic approach - developing the possibility of each client to be themselves and I follow the daseinsanalytic motto: "To be yourself and not to lose others, to be authentic with others and at the same time not to lose yourself". My psychotherapeutic methods include mainly conversation and interpretation of dreams, imagination, relaxation and meditation techniques.

I fully respect each of my clients in their individuality, uniqueness and in their personal freedom. I am collaborative, solution-oriented, with authentic understanding, integrative approach and interdisciplinary overlap. I try to create a safe environment filled with acceptance and trust for my clients so that they can more easily seek and find their own sources of strength, self-understanding, decision-making and action based on a consciously free view of their own life possibilities.

I believe that psychotherapy improves the quality of life and I greatly appreciate the courage of each client to work on themselves and with themselves on their own change towards a happier and more meaningful life and also not to be alone and to get help.

I love my work with clients and I perceive it as a job and a hobby at the same time.